Band Together

Bringing music to everyone.

School bands are great ways for middle-school students to not only learn how to play an instrument, but also to make friends and experience the joy of music. However, the unfortunate reality is that middle schools do not always have enough instruments for their students to use, and buying or renting instruments can be expensive. In fact, the cost can even prevent students from ever signing up for band!

Out of this need was born an idea: Band Together, a used instrument collection program which enables more students to join middle-school band programs in the Kenton County School District. The program began as an Eagle Scout project by Daniel Kennedy, a senior from Dixie Heights High School. "If we can get even a couple of instruments for kids in need to use, it could really make a difference in their lives," says Daniel.

If you have an instrument that you can donate, or if you have any questions, you can contact Daniel at , or head over to our Twitter page. Band Together also accepts donations of time, such as music lessons or instrument repair services.

*Instrument donations are tax deductible.

NEWS: The Band Together project has concluded. Thanks for all of your contributions!

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