This page has some assorted projects of mine. Most of them are on GitHub. Particularly interesting things are usually documented in-depth on my resume or blog.

The National Cyber Gauntlet Challenge (currently in development) Video: UCF, Lockheed Martin team up to hire graduates to work in cybersecurity Video: UCF's Lockheed Martin Lab Grows Cyber Security Talent Amid High Demand Gakken SX-150 MIDI->CV Generator SpeedPicker Competitive Lockpicking Platform Everything You Should Know About SDR Band Together [FULL] Interview with a hacker (me!) - Is your smart home safe? Grok: A Simple CI Framework For Beginners My Git Lecture/Workshop Series Securing a Broken Web Application (ISEAGE 2019) Banepost CLI Firebase Messenger Lambda Subscriber Curiosity Rover Twitter Bot Tiniest O(1) Vigenere Cipher Implementation Scraping Google's Cache to Get Free Textbooks (Published in 2600) /r/itsaunixsystem Stylesheet. New Age Bullshit Generator Twitter Bot Attack Tools for ISTS 2018 speedRacer Open-Source Track Timer doorMan Garage Door Controller A Tweeting Doorbell An Alexa Powered Toilet Pure Batch Bulletin Board System Password Sheet Generator PyEdsby API Wrapper Fully Captive DNS for Pihole + Ubiquiti EdgeOS Debugf: A Useful Little Macro For Beginner Programmers Send Slack invites via Google Forms PEACE: Ping Executes Any Command Entered Unofficial Edsby REST API (Using PyEdsby + AWS Lambda) Edsby Persistent XSS PoC Programming Language Speed Tests DIY MIDI Sustain Pedal Hack SecuReddit Chrome Extension (Enabled SSL on prior to official support) Hurricane Monitoring Slack Bot Plant High Film Club Website redRover E-Reader Hack Classic
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